About AYD


The Arlington Young Democrats is an organization of Arlington citizens, ages 18-35, committed to furthering the principles of the Democratic Party, making an impact in the Arlington community and providing networking and social opportunities for young people in Arlington.  The organization reaches over 1700 people weekly and is the largest local Young Democrats organization in the state of Virginia.


The Arlington Young Democrats were founded in 1936. Over the years, AYD has served as both a source of political activism for young people and a springboard to political involvement, including elected public office, later in life. Many of today’s Democratic leaders in Arlington County were once members and officers in AYD. In addition, AYD has served as the breeding ground for elected leaders in other jurisdictions, from neighboring Fairfax to as far away as Pasadena, California. Of course, many former AYD members have chosen not to seek elected office, but have become community leaders in many other ways, working for a variety of community-based organizations on both a professional and volunteer basis.

Elected officials and members of the Democratic Party leadership in Arlington County who are current or former Arlington Young Democrats:

  • Dave Bell, Arlington County Clerk of the Court
  • Sharon Davis, former Arlington County Democratic Committee chair and President of the Virginia Young Democrats
  • Al Eisenberg, Delegate to the Virginia House of Delegates for the 47th District
  • Paul Ferguson, Arlington County Board immediate past chair and current County Board member
  • Susan Prokop, longtime Democratic activist and chair of the Arlington Roosevelt Society
  • Dan Steen, former Arlington County Democratic Committee Chair
  • Chris Zimmerman, Arlington County Board member
  • Alfonso Lopez, Delegate to the Virginia House of Delegates for the 49th District

An additional fun fact is that several former and current members of AYD are married to one another. Some AYDers form strong bonds with one another and we’re very happy that our Democratic family is becoming just that!