Faith Caucus

Progressive people of faith have long had a positive influence on America’s course in history. Imagine, for example, the Civil Rights Movement without leaders of faith such as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; Congressman John Lewis; or Malcolm X.

This caucus is open to people from every walk of life and of every faith or no particular faith. Together we will learn about each others’ faith traditions. We will debate the role of faith in politics and discuss how our religious beliefs inform our political beliefs. This caucus will also work to reach outside of our organization to people of faith and work to elect Democrats.

Please note this is not an organization which advocates the closing of the separation of church and state. We support this separation because an individual’s faith should never be imposed upon anybody. Rather, we believe that it is a person’s experiences and beliefs that inform his or her decisions, as such it is important to understand and discuss these beliefs and how they intersect with our politics.

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