Latino Caucus

Caucus Description
The Arlington Young Democrats Latino Caucus was established to increase our sense of community, celebrate our diverse heritage, and collaborate to promote Latino success and priorities. Our mission is to mobilize the Latino community and provide an avenue to connect, network, and give back through volunteering on community service projects. The Latino Caucus advances and supports Latino representation and participation within the Democratic Party.

As of 2010, over 30,000 Latinos resided in Arlington County, making up over 15% of the population. This very unique and diverse city (which is part of the DC Metropolitan Area) is critical to moving the community and region forward. Engaging Latinos in this community will allow for opportunities to advance our cause and democratic principles. AYD Latino Caucus will be a collective effort in voicing the issues affecting Latinos in the area and in the nation.

For 2012, the Caucus seeks to organize a number of community service activities, networking and professional development sessions, and collaborating with local organizations serving the Latino population in the Mid-Atlantic Region. We aim to improve the flow of information between AYD and our Latino Caucus members. By enhancing our communications, we are able to ensure that the Latino voice in the community is heard on at the local, state, and national level. We seek to implement initiatives that nurture and sustain the growth in Latino participation in future elections and encourage them to exercise their right to vote.

Caucus Board Members
Jennifer Vasquez, Chair
Gaston Araoz, Co-Chair

Get Involved
The Latino Caucus is always looking for passionate community members to join this unique group. We have a number of opportunities to support our efforts in engaging, educating, motivating, and mobilizing the Latino community of in the Mid-Atlantic region, starting with Arlington County. We welcome your ideas, suggestions, enthusiasm, and passion to work together and strengthen our community.

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